Excel VP-Vertical Platform Lift Wheelchair Lifts for Homes & Businesses

Preserve the Design Integrity of Your Space with Our Customizable Vertical Platform

At Fabian USA our designers will work alongside you to help you achieve a one of a kind installation.

Our vertical lift will blend seamlessly into any décor, adding both beauty and accessibility to any space.
The Excel VP can be installed in both commercial and residential settings, ideal for schools, churches and businesses wherever ADA compliance is required.


  • Specifications

    Applications: Residential & Commercial (indoor/outdoor) vertical-platform-lift-diagram
    Capacity: 750 lb (340 kg)
    Maximum Travel: 60″ Unenclosed | 168″ Enclosed Hoistway
    Drive: 2:1 Roped Hydraulic Drive
    Motor: 2HP
    Power Supply 240 Volt, Single Phase,60 Hz
    Speed: 30 fpm
    Platform Size: 36″ x 47″
    Pit: 4″ Enclosed Platform Lifts
    Code Compliance: ASME A18.1
    Cab Access: Front, Rear and 90 Degree Access

  • Safety Features

    Emergency Backup Power Lowering System
    Emergency Manual Lowering Valve Limit Switches
    Emergency Alarm Button in Car
    Automatic Bidirectional Floor Leveling
    Non-skid Platform Surface
    Emergency Keyed Stop Switch in Car
    No Machine Room
    Over Speed Valve, Final Limit Switch
    Emergency Stop Buttons
    Continuous Pressure Bueon
    Underpan Sensors
    Hand Rail

  • Work by Others

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The Fabian USA design advantage:


Our broad array of cab and floor finishes complements your home’s décor!

Our steel and glass hoistways, suitable for both interior and exterior placement, can enhance the architecture of your structure.

From historic preservation, to branded retail designs, you can see some of our unique installations here!