Excel Residential

Beauty, added value and virtually endless customization options for your home

Elevators have become an architectural enhancement that increases the value of any residence. And Fabian USA’s Excel elevators offer the design options to fit any décor. Choose from an almost limitless combination of finishes, fixtures and construction configurations to find the perfect mobility solution to suit your needs and tastes.

Featuring a smooth ride and quiet operation, Excel elevators are easy to install and come with superior customer support, including design consultations. And they are manufactured for installation inside or outside your home.

  • Specifications

    Capacity: 790, 890, 950lbs.residential-excel-diagram
    Speed: 40 fpm
    Stops: Up to 5 stops
    Maximum Travel: 50ft
    Overhead: 135″
    Pit: 450 lbs.(4″) 790, 890, 950 lbs.(14″)
    Power Supply: :230V
    Drive System: VVF Hydraulic
    Control System: Microprocessor Controller | Fully Automatic System
    Code Compliance: ASME A17.1-­‐2013(5.3)
    Cab Size: 450 lbs. (40″ x 40″) | 790lbs. (38″ x 54″) | 950lbs(38 x 58” & 40” X 54”)
    Cab Configurations: Front, Rear and Side Openings

  • Standard Features

    Car Indicator
    Illuminated Halo Push Buttons
    Braille Markings
    Hall Call Station With Indicator
    Automatic Cab Light
    Two Speed Valves and VVF For Smooth ride

  • Safety Features

    Anti-Creep Device
    Car Top Switch
    Automatic Bi-Directional Floor Leveling
    Emergency Back Up
    Emergency Stop and Alarm
    Fully Automatic Doors
    Gate Safety Switch
    Rupture Valve
    Pit Stop Switch Door Interlocks
    UL Certified Components

  • Work by Others


    1. Finished hoistway guaranteed plumb within ½ inch from top to bottom, and according to the dimensions indicated on shop drawings, all walls and side members must be square. The inside surface of hoistway must be flush.
    Interior of hoistway should be finished prior to installation and must be constructed following ASME A17.1 and local building code requirements.
    2. Doors when provided by the contractor should be finished prior to installation.
    3. Clearance between sill and hatch door must not exceed 3”.
    4. Adequate sill support shall be provided full width of the hoistway and installed on each landing.
    5. Adequate supports shall be provided for fastening rail brackets according to shop drawings. Supports must withstand rail forces indicated.
    6. Where wood hoistway is used, contact us for wood beams installation details.
    7. For masonry walls, inserts shall be installed by elevator contractor.
    8. Overhead distance, last floor to underside of hoistway ceiling or obstruction must be maintained per the shop drawings.
    9. Total travel distance must be held within 1” according to shop drawings.
    10. A pit conforming the dimensions indicated must be provided, The Pit should be constructed according the reactions shown on shop drawings.
    11. A sump pump and sump pump hole with cover is recommended in the elevator pit where likely water seeping. Coordinate with the electrical contractor the “GFI” receptacle location.
    12. Barricades outside all hoistway openings for protection shall be provided and installed by the contractor.
    13. The location and blockouts of hall stations must be according shop drawings.
    14. All wall finishes and paint.


    15. A machine room built to conform the shop drawings, NEC, ASME 17.1 and all local building code requirements.
    16. A lockable self closing door 24”x24” speed governor access door with an electrical contact shall be provided to conform the shop drawings(where required).
    17. Sleeves in the machine room for the oil line and wiring duct.
    18. Machine room temperature shall be controlled between 60 and 95 Fahrenheit.


    19. A 220V, single phase, 40A service, with neutral, to a lockable safety disconnect switch fused shall be installed in the machine room.
    20. A 120V, single phase, 15A service, to a lockable safety disconnect switch shall be installed in the machine room.
    21. A machine room light and light switch, with switch adjacent to the access door.
    22. A telephone line to the machine room and its wiring from the building service to the elevator’s control panel.


    23. A safe and dry room to store the elevator’s equipment and tools required for construction.
    24. Necessary power to installing the elevator free of charge.

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The Fabian USA design advantage:


Our broad array of cab and floor finishes complements your home’s décor!

Our steel and glass hoistways, suitable for both interior and exterior placement, can enhance the architecture of your structure.

From historic preservation, to branded retail designs, you can see some of our unique installations here!