Excel Climber (Cable Driven System)

When only the best home elevator will do, choose Grupo Excelsior Excel Climber

Our winding drum system ensures a whisper-quiet, odor-free, smooth ride. The integrated, self-supporting hoistway eliminates the need for messy, time-consuming masonry work.

With fully range of customization options, we can help you design an elevator that will add to the elegance of your home.

The climber fits into virtually any house without requiring expensive alterations, allowing you to remain in your home for years to come.


  • Specifications

    Capacity: 450Lbs & 950 lbs.residential-excel-diagram
    Speed: 40 fpm
    Stops: Up to 6 stops
    Maximum Travel: 25ft
    Overhead: 126″
    Pit: 6″
    Power Supply: 240V
    Motor: 3HP
    Drive System: Winding drum with VVF
    Control System: Microprocessor Controller | Fully Automatic System
    Code Compliance: ASME A17.1-2013(5.3)
    Cab Size: 450 lbs. (40″ x 37″)| 950lbs (48″ x 45″)
    Cab Configurations: Front, Rear and Side Openings

  • Standard Features

    Wood laminate cab panels in a choice of two colors
    Two-speed horizontal sliding hoistway and painted car doors
    Car indicator
    Illuminated halo cab operated buttons
    Hall call station with indicator
    Hand rail
    Automatic cab light
    Two-speed valves and VVF for smooth travel
    One-year warranty and materials and workmanship

  • Integrated Hoistway Structure

    Load Bearing Hoistway
    Quick Modular Installation
    Steel and Glass Construction
    Economical and Space Saving
    Indoor/Outdoor Application

  • Safety Features

    Anti-creep device
    Car top stop switch
    Car top prop
    Emergency back-up
    Emergency stop and alarm
    Automatic bus car door
    Gate safety switch
    Pit stop switch
    Door interlocks

  • Work by Others

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The Grupo Excelsior design advantage:


Our broad array of cab and floor finishes complements your home’s décor!

Our steel and glass hoistways, suitable for both interior and exterior placement, can enhance the architecture of your structure.

From historic preservation, to branded retail designs, you can see some of our unique installations here!